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Hotels and Communities

Community TV, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Internet

services for hotels and communities

Integrated Service Network

We install full Television, Internet, Access Control, Video Surveillance and future application services using the communal infrastructure. We carry out installations and maintenance on all types of telecommunications.

Coaxial Wifi for communities and hotels

We use the existing coaxial cable to distribute Internet data throughout the complex. We offer security for all users at an unbeatable price. As a registered provider, we can match the needs of residents or customers.

TV-Canarias.com is an Internet Provider registered with CNMC since 2017

Community internet at an unbeatable price

Remote control for easy maintenance

Compliance GDPR held for 12 Months

Easy installation

Support within 24 hours

CATV and Satellite Television

TV-Canarias.com is a company specialised in the field of distribution of television signals at community and hotel level. We utilise the individual antennas in the buildings. We install communal fiber optic antennas with access to more than 4000 international and local channels.

We utilise individual antennas

4 Years warranty on our equipment

Intelligent head station for Hotels and residencies

2o Digital Dividend

We adapt the existing facilities

As an authorised installer we hold the necessary certificates to apply for grants

Intelligent Head Stations for Hotels and Residentials without retuning TVs

Access control, video surveillance and automation

We combine these important aspects to increase the safety of your community and residents. You will have more control over your community with minimal low-cost maintenance compared to other solutions on the market. A single key for the entrance, garage and pool. Access permissions can be added and removed remotely.

Access control for communities and hotels

Integrated smart keys

Access and attendance control

Control over swimming pool access times and capacity levels.

Electric doors, GSM access control and automation of existing systems

A single key for the entrance, pool and garage

High quality IP camera

High quality IP CCTV cameras

Access and attendance control

High quality IP CCTV cameras

Image recording up to 30 days

RFID, GSM and Automation Access


SMART Building

Facial, number plate, RFID and GSM recognition.

We update your community or hotel without changing existing systems