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TV Canarias

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TV and Satellite Networks, Security Systems, Access Control, General Networks and Automated Systems

Communities AND HOTELS

Smart Building, Access Control, Television, High Definition Video Surveillance, Community Internet via a single cable.

Private users

Internet Provider, Installation of Terrestrial and Parabolic Antennas International TV, TV Vlaanderen, TIVU Sat, TNT Sat, Smart Networks and Smart Home

Telecommunications Installer

Registered in the Industry Telecommunications Installers Registry No.12194, registered in the Telecommunication Operators Registry No. RO/DTSA/114617 in the M.C. National Commission.

Our customers

We run telecommunications facilities and maintenance in more than 60 communities, hotels and resorts in Tenerife.

Our Philosophy

Peace of mind for our customers, providing easy to use solutions with maximum durability. We are a 100% legal and transparent company.

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Parque Santiago 2

Las Americas

Tourist complex with 300 apartments. We renewed the television network, changing the existing Wifi for our Internet Coaxwifi service, Telecommunications Maintenance

Castle Harbour Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos

Tourist resort, we carried out the renewal of the television network and installed Internet Coaxwifi successfully. We installed a 3.70m antenna for English channels.

Balcon del Mar Costa del Silencio

Building with 400 apartments. Multi-satellite fiber optic service installed in 2015. Access control facility, community Internet and Video surveillance

Orlando 85 Las Americas

400 Apartments. Coaxial Wired Internet Service, Access Control, International Television CATV

Hotel Medano

Maintenance Telecommunications, International TV

Edificio Aguamarina Golf del Sur

Building with 300 apartments, Fiber Optic TV Installation, Telecommunications, Video Surveillance

Edificio Royal Los Cristianos

Installation of a multiswitch system with more than 3000 TV channels, community Internet, Telecommunications Maintenance

Edificio Tajinastes Las Americas

TV and Telecommunications Maintenance

Apartamentos Europa Puerto Santiago

Multisiwitch satellite system installation, Internet service, Telecommunication maintenance

Parque Don José Costa del Silencio

Smart Building – Full Television Services, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Internet

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